What Is A Toto Toilet

A toto toilet, is a style of toilet designed by Kazuchika Okura, the founder of TOTO, a plumbing fixture company founded in 1917, 5 years after Okura returned from overseas, having seen some more advanced models of laboratories. This was before Japan had public sewage systems, and Okura felt moved create a more sanitary ceramic ware laboratory, in an attempt to develop cleaner and healthier living spaces.

toto-toiletTOTO LTD, was started in an attempt to create a comfortable living space for people, and at the same time protect the planet, and the water supply. Toto toilets come in one piece, two piece, or wall hung, with an assortment of shapes, colors, features, and styles. The toilets have a CeFiONtect ceramic glaze, that creates a very smooth, ionic barrier that help keep the toilet stay clean with each flush. Many toto toilets have washlets installed in them. A washlet is a water spray feature added to toilets for anal and genital cleansing. The term “washlet”, is actually a registered trademark of TOTO LTD. Toto went through a great deal of trial and error while adjusting the spray of the washlet on the toto toilets, by surveying 300 or more male and female employees during development.

The first toto toilet was released in June 1980, and by 2011, over 30 million toto toilets were sold. Similar manufacturers like INAX came out later, after discovering TOTO’s design, but none as worthy of praise as TOTO LTD, that in just 5 short years began a company that would change the face of what bathrooms could be, and how they could be used forever. TOTO expanded into the UK in 2010, in Farringdon, London, and after that, made another move to start a 58 million dollar factory for the US in Gajurat. TOTO currently has factories in Beijing, China, Taiwan, Siam, Thailand, USA, East China, Mexico S.A, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. TOTO LTD’s headquarters is in Nakashima Nichome, Japan, and their products are able to be seen in malls, shopping centers, and bus stations around the globe.