My name is William, my mother was French and my dad was from Morocco. I love to travel, It´s something that i live for. I grew up in the America but has pretty much been all around the world. Europe (France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Poland etc), Asia, Australia and Africa.

My initial thought was to make a complete traveling guide for all the world. Since i travel a lot of different countries in the span of a year. But I decided to do other wise. Since my roots come from Morocco and the fact that i love the place so much. I´ve decided to dedicate this whole blog to Morocco only.

I hope that you, my visitors, will find my content helpful, entertaining and interesting. I want to interact with you guys, I want you to be inspired about this amazing country. There´s so much to see, do and experience here. I really hope that I can lit a fire in your heart aswell for this country.

See you inside the blog!

William has been traveling all around the world. In this travel blog he´ll focus on Morocco.