What to do in Morocco

It´s always hard to know what to do in a new country and a new culture. I always recommend that you research some before you go out and travel. The trip can be so much rewarding if you know a little about the people, the country and the culture. Who knows, you might even get invited to a Morocco family. Would not that just be awesome!

If you’ve considered traveling to Morocco, you have to read blog post before you do anything else. I´ll go over the things you can do there. So here we go:

Go see the high Atlas

While it´s not a must to have a guide when you go there, I recommend that you do. Atlas Mountains in Morocco is a very big mountain and it can be good to have someone with you that knows what to do. You can trek this mountain all year round, but the best time to do so. Is right now, in April – May. So back your bags and go there right away! It´s an amazing experience. After my first and only visit there, I promised myself to come back there. It´s was so beautiful and I´ll come back once again. Maybe you and I can go together?

Did you know that you can Ski in Morocco?

Just the idea of skiing in Africa sounds cool to me and most people. However, It´s not something that the ski enthusiast do. That is to come here specifically to ski and you should not come here either with the only specific intention to ski. It´s not that good, but It´s very fun! It can be a very fun complement to the Africa trip, to go skiing. Don’t you agree?! There are a few hotels here that you can eat and sleep at. You can also rent your skiis, but don’t expect that high quality. The stuff works, that’s about it.

Go to the Sahara Desert

Or even better, you can go to Sahara Desert in Morocco and spend a night there. How cool isn’t that?! I did it, and wooow… The experience was amazing. It’s a magical place where you can explore the breathtaking sandscapes. I can’t recommend this enough. You just have to do this!

I hope this short guide helped you in some way. The most important thing is that my blog is up and running! Stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts. Hope to see you here again soon!2